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Book Reviews – March

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Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother by Jana Wolff–  One of my favorite and most recommended books for adoptive parents.  This   fiercely     honest and funny book answers questions no one else dares to ask: What if I don’t like the kid I get? Will my child ever feel like mine? If this is the happiest day of my life, why am I so sad? Will she want the baby back? Will I want to return him? Whether you are adopting internationally or domestically this is a must read!  List price $12.95 AFTH price $11.00

Families Like Mine by Abigail Garner- Full of heart and hope.   Due to her own experience as a child, Abigail Garner, who was raised by two dads, speaks from a well-qualified vantage point. She doesn’t shy away from tough questions, and she doesn’t believe that kids with gay parents grow up exactly like everyone else. But it is clear that she is championing a little-heard truth: that kids with LGBT  parents don’t reach adulthood any more wounded or messed up than other kids from straight homes.  Weaving into the book her own fears and experiences, extensive research and interviews with some five dozen youths, Garner is able to clearly delineate many of the problems that members of a non-traditional family encounter. List Price $24.95  AFTH Price $17

You’re Not My Real Mother by Molly Friedrich: Families who have  adopted  trans-racially will want this picture book, which beautifully captures the intimate, loving bond between parent and child and the moment when the child first confronts the fact that she looks different from her parent. This book offers both wisdom and experience without being the least bit preachy. Drawn from the author’s everyday life as an adoptive parent, this cheerful yet tender parent-child conversation offers a response to children who’ve ever asked an adoptive parent why they don’t look like one another.  Retail $15.99 AFTH Price $12

Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son by Kay Ann Johnson – Kay Johnson has done groundbreaking research on abandonment and adoption in China. In Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son, Johnson untangles the complex interactions between these social practices and the government’s population policies. She also documents the many unintended consequences, including the overcrowding of orphanages that led China to begin international adoptions.  List Price: $24.95 AFTH price: $20.00

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