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Book Reviews April

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Parenting Your Adopted Older Child: How to Overcome the Unique Challenges and Raise a Happy and Healthy Child by Brenda, Ph.D. McCreight – McCreight is both a child therapist and an adoptive parent of seven. She has written this book specifically for the growing number of people who adopt children over two years old. Parents learn to identify their child’s needs, meet such challenges as aggressive behavior and attention deficit disorder, and create a sense of belonging. This book recognizes the challenges adopting older children presents and is valuable in helping identify challenges that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also provides suggestions and solutions regarding how to deal with certain behaviors. List Price- $19.95 – AFTH price $15.00

Touched by An Angel’s Tear by L. Steven Santora – This book transforms what is typically understood as a bureaucratic matching process, into one driven by human kindness and a bit of magic. Hanna, the angel hovers close and whispers in the nannies ears directing them to match certain babies with certain families, facilitating perfect adoption matches. A very beautifully illustrated and written story by one of AFTH’s very own adoptive parents!  List Price $15.95 AFTH price $14.00

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child’s Education by Rich Weinfeld  & Michelle Davis – This is a unique handbook that teaches parents how to work with schools to achieve optimal learning situations and accommodations for their child’s needs. From IEPs and 504 Plans to IDEA and NCLB, navigating today’s school system can be difficult. Topics covered in this handy guide include how to gather accurate  information about a child’s education, navigating school meetings, understanding education law, best practices in the classroom, working effectively  with parents and school systems, educational options beyond the standard, and more. List Price $19.95 AFTH price $ 14.00

Handbook for Pediatric Health Problems at Home and on the Road by Dr. Christopher S. Ryder – This comprehensive guide will be invaluable to both new parents and those with experience. The advice covers common childhood symptoms and illnesses encountered both at home and while traveling. Dr. Christopher Ryder is a pediatrician with over 25 years experience caring for children. He has studied and practiced medicine in the USA, England, and South Africa. He has traveled extensively with his wife and son and brings firsthand knowledge about the trials and joys of traveling with children. List Price $15.00 AFTH price $ 10.00

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