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June Book Reviews

home_photo_booksAll reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

All About Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It (Paperback) by Marc A. Nemiroff & Jane Annunziata  –  For children adopted at any age and from any country, All About Adoption explores the what, how and why of  adoption, as well as the many feelings kids can experience as they grow up.   And for parents, an extensive afterword discusses the unique practical and      emotional dimensions of adoptive children and their families, with suggestions  for answering the most challenging questions. AFTH Price  $10.00

The Post Adoption Blues by Karen J. Foli, Ph.D. and John Thompson, MD – Over 150,000 people adopt children  each year, and more than 2 million parents are now raising adopted children. While the path to parenting through adoption is rich with rewards and fulfillment, it’s not without its bumps. This compassionate, illuminating, and ultimately uplifting book is the first to openly recognize the very normal feelings of stress that adoptive families encounter as they cope with the challenges and expectations of their new families. The mission of The Post-Adoption Blues is to examine the challenges of adoption, and to alleviate feelings often experienced during and after the adoption process. By shedding light on Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome (PADS) through their own experience as adoptive parents as well as interviews with dozens of adoptive families and experts in the field, the couple offers parents the understanding, support, and concrete solutions they need to overcome post-adoption blues. Retail price: $14.95 AFTH price: $12.00

When I Met You – A Story of Russian Adoption – by Adrienne Ehlert Bashista – One of the first children’s books  about the Russian adoption experience. It tends to be focused towards girls since it is written from a mother to a  daughter but while it is not an exact story for all adoptions, it is written with heartfelt words. Price: $17.00

Hope and Will Have a Baby: The Gift of Embryo Donation by Irene Celcer – This book is a  welcomed addition to the children’s books genre of non-traditional family building. What stands out when reading this story is that the subject matter never veers from the overriding message that children born into our world through reproductive efforts are loved and cherished. Told in a language a child can understand, read the tale of how mom and dad met, fell in love, and ultimately built a family. AFTH Price $20.00 (HC)

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