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July Book Reviews

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The Great Call of China by Cynthea Liu – In the Great Call of China, the main character, Cece, who’s an adopted teen, has more important things to focus on. She wants to learn more about her heritage, maybe even find her birth parents! Reading Cynthea Liu’s enthusiastic depiction of Chinese culture, as well as the intersection of Chinese and American cultures, were fascinating.  Liu’s secondary characters in the book deserve a shout-out; my favorite was Jessica, a Chinese-American who struggles to follow her own dreams instead of her parents’ demands. Great read for teens and girls who think there’s more to life than Juicy Couture.  A YA novel with real substance.  AFTH price $8.00

Adoption: Choosing it, Living It, Loving it by Dr. Ray Guarendi – Relying on his experiences raising 10 adopted children Guarendi has written a book that asks some of the most common adoption questions.  Each chapter is written in question and answer format that offers practical advice on questions such as, talking to your children, adoption self image, why choose adoption, and more.  This book is easy to read and a great book to share with family members to help them understand adoption.  Retail price $14.99 AFTH price: $12.00

Star of the Week by Darlene Friedman & Roger Roth – It is Cassidy-Li’s turn to be her kindergarten class’ “star of the week,” so she begins her autobiographical poster with a photograph taken in China at the time of her adoption. Other snapshots introduce her American family, friends, and favorite activities; but Cassidy-Li realizes she does not have a photograph of her birth family. With a little help from her family, she comes up with the perfect way to include them.  This book is helpful for any parent whose child may not have any photos of their birth parents.  Hopefully this book can open the lines of communication and help your family come up with ways in which to overcome some of those awkward school assignments. Retail price $17.99 AFTH price: $14.00

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