Emotional Healing Tool: Balance and Breathing

new dr pratt sunsetGeorge Pratt, PhD, has appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live! and is the author of many books.  He has generously agreed to post healing tools on Danielle’s Beacon. We found these tools can be very helpful in reducing stress.  Danielle’s Beacon was kind enough to grant us permission to cross post this on our blog.

Balanced breathing is an excellent tool for recharging your battery. Using the body’s energy is a very important development in the medical and psychology communities because it taps the body’s energy system to encourage both emotional and physical healing. The importance of this trend cannot be understated. Scripps Clinic now has a department that explores the use of body energy to assist the healing process following, for example, surgical procedures. And 100 of this nation’s top medical schools now have programs that include the study and application of body energy techniques.

Ironically, all that is new is actually very old. Modern medicine is finally tipping its hat to the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine that has used non-intrusive healing methods for at least 2,000 years. Fortunately, this new integrative approach – East treats West – is simple, effective and, when self-applied, very inexpensive.

The adoption process is like a marathon race. It is typical to feel sadness, anger, fear, betrayal and resentment as you encounter disappointment and frustration. If you feel overwhelmed by these and other feelings, the exercise described below is a wonderful tool that can be used as often as necessary. After setbacks, it is important to reduce stress so that you are balanced and aligned when you undertake further adoption activities.

This Balanced Breathing Exercise is available on page 254 of my book Instant Emotional Healing: Acupressure for the Emotions. The technique takes about two minutes. However, you may do it for as long as you like. It activates a “Relaxation Response” in the body which has been studied at Harvard for over three decades. Sitting in a straight-back chair is best, but if necessary it can be done lying down or standing.

1) Cross your left ankle over your right ankle.
2) Extend both arms straight out in front of you.
3) Cross your right arm over your left arm at the wrist.
4) Rotate the palms of your hands so that they are facing and interlock your fingers.
5) Rotate your hands down toward your stomach.
6) Continue rotating inward so that you bring your hands up close to your chest. At this point you have crossed the center line of your body with your hands, arms and legs.

Now inhale through your nose while touching the tip of your tongue to your mouth. Exhale through your mouth, resting your tongue on the floor of your mouth.

Focus your thoughts on the concept of balance. Also, picture in your mind an image that represents balance. Breathe comfortably and don’t worry if you are not always able to hold the thought or image.

Also, you are welcome to download a free stress reduction audio at this link:


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