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Catelynn | Ep. 106 | MTV’s 16 and Pregnant | Full Episode Video | MTV

While I can’t comment on all of the shows in this series, episode 6 about Catelynn and Tyler who decide to place their baby for adoption is fabulous. It will stun you how mature these two young people are, it will make you cry as you watch their heart wrenching decision to place their baby, it will make you applaud for the wonderful adoptive parents who they chose to place their child with. This is a great way to witness the birth parents side of the adoption process. These two young people had no support in their decision but went with what they believed to be the best decision for them and their daughter.

There is also an after show where they talk more about their decision now that a few months have passed, they have no regrets, they admit it was the hardest thing they have ever done and probably the hardest thing they will ever have to face but they are happy that their daughter will have a life that they couldn’t offer her.

Whether you are woman thinking about adoption, or an adoptive parent this is an episode worth watching. Keep a box of tissues handy because the emotions are strong and very real. I believe it will be the best, most informative 40 minutes of your domestic adoption process.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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