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August Book Reviews

books5All reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

Ben and the Sudden Too Big! Family by Colby Rodowsky – Ben is used to being in a two-person family–just him and his dad. Then things change. First, his dad marries Casey; then the three of them go to China to pick up the little girl Casey had decided to adopt before she met Ben’s dad. Although he worries that having a younger sibling will cause chaos, Ben is charmed by his lively new sister.  And just when he is getting used to being in a family of four Ben is tested by a family vacation that includes Casey’s 25 relatives! This is a great book for middle school readers on the adjustment of blended families and adoption. AFTH price: $14.00 HC

When the Black Girl Sings by Bil Wright – Adopted by loving, white parents and taunted by classmates as the only African American kid in her elite, private school, Lahni Schuler, 14, is scared of a boy who seems to be stalking her. At the same time, she’s distraught when her dad leaves her mom for another woman. The teen finally finds her place after her loving mom takes her to a multiracial church, where she sings with the gospel choir and is inspired by some great musicians and by her teacher-mentor to enter a school vocal competition. An uplifting book about finding your place in a multi-racial family and dealing with divorce.  Good for middle schoolers. AFTH price: $6.00 PB

Parenting Adopted Adolescents : Understanding and appreciating their journey by Gregory C Keck, PhD – Dr. Gregory C. Keck offers new insights and parenting strategies relative to adolescents, especially adopted adolescents. This book visits a diversity of adolescent and adoption issues and helps to simplify their intertwined relationship. Chapters include but are not limited to, Identity formation, creating one self from many pieces, loss of the birth family, exploring issues of abandonment and removal, and transracial and transcultural adoptions where does your child fit in.  Easy to read Dr. Keck, himself an adoptive parent guides readers to see through the eyes of their children.  His book is encouraging and enlightening.  AFTH price: $14.00 PB

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