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Touching Video by DMC and Sarah McLachlan

This  music video is a collaboration of DMC and Sarah McLachlan about adoption.  It is DMC’s way of letting his birth parents know that he is okay and had a good life.  It is dedicated to all people whose lives are touched by adoption and Harry Chapin and family.

4 thoughts on “Touching Video by DMC and Sarah McLachlan”

  1. DMC’s adoption journey is fascinating. This is from his wikipedia entry:

    Feeling depressed and suicidal, McDaniels heard Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” on the radio. The song touched McDaniels so deeply that it inspired him to reassess his life and career. He credits McLachlan and her album Surfacing with saving his life.[1][2] With a new outlook on life, McDaniels decided to write his autobiography. While researching his early years, his mother, Bannah, revealed a shocking secret. Darryl was adopted when he was three months old. According to Bannah, his birth mother was a woman of Dominican descent named Bernada Lovelace. He also learned that he was born in Harlem, Manhattan not Hollis, Queens, as he had always believed. Even as a child, McDaniels knew that he did not look like the rest of his family. He finally understood why. The news inspired him to go on a search for his birth mother and ultimately, himself. He began working with the VH1 network on a documentary chronicling his quest.[1] His autobiography, King of Rock : Respect, Responsibility, and My Life with Run-DMC, was released in January 2001.

    In February 2006, VH1 premiered the documentary titled DMC: My Adoption Journey. The program ends with McDaniels reuniting with his birth mother, who turned out to be named Berncenia and not of Dominican descent. He thanks her for her choice because had he not been placed for adoption, Run-D.M.C. would have never existed.[1][2] In March 2006, McDaniels released his long-awaited solo album, Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll. The first single, “Just Like Me”, features an interpolation of Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” performed by McDaniels’ musical savior, Sarah McLachlan. During a recording session, McLachlan revealed to McDaniels that she, too, was adopted.[1][2]

    In September 2006, Darryl McDaniels was presented with the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award for his work with children in foster care and promotion of adoption. He founded a summer camp providing 170 foster children a childhood experience.

    He is currently working on writing an updated autobiography (his earlier autobiography, King of Rock : Respect, Responsibility, and My Life with Run-DMC, was written before he found out that he was adopted) and his second solo album, for which he gave the title The Next Level. Three tracks off the new album have been released (“Next Level”, “Hip Hop”, and “Beef Eater”) and can be heard on his myspace page.

  2. thank you so much for this. i was adopted by parents who had money but made me feel guilty for EVERYTHING i was,Everything i wasnt and everything that was given to me. I was raised to feel like i was a burden and not good enough to be a part of the family.As long as i did what my mom wanted and made her “happy” then all would be ok, but it never was.i tried committing suicide when i was a teenager feeling i was not good enough to even be alive.i was constantly put down by my mom and she encouraged my brother and sister to do it as well. i remember being kicked and smacked for missing spot on counter.i was called a fat-ass and my brother thought up the nickname bubblebut and my mom let him continue to call me that,(“he is just teasing u cause he loves you”)i was made to feel worthless,that i didn’t deserve anything. and my dad told me i needed to grow up and get over it and learn to deal with it.a few years ago this behavior was extended to my kids and i have had nothing to do with them since.i still have the heartache wishing so much that i had a mom that loved me unconditionally but know that it will never be.Now i have my own family,my husband who is always there for me and my three beautiful kids whom i love with all my heart,unconditionally.Please continue to help children find that unconditional love because thats all we ask for,to be loved completely, be accepted completely and be loved for who we are even though we are not blood.

    1. your story sounds just like mine. To a tee. Sometimes adoption is unfathomable…i found out I was there to take punishment so thier own biological daughter wouldn’t be abused. Lets jut say thier plan worked well, she wasn’t abused. I was. Today I’ve overcome that and found myself to be a strong, smart, resilient, kind, generous and caring person I am proud of. I am myself and I am a lovable person. 🙂

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