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November is National Adoption Month

national_adoption_day_sticker-p217296969253282257tdcj_210Every November people across the country celebrate National Adoption Awareness month.  Founded primarily to promote domestic adoption of children in the US foster care system, it has branched out to include awareness that children all across the world are in need of homes.  It has also become a time when families celebrate the joy adoption has brought to their lives.  We asked several families how they celebrate National Adoption Month:

“We ask the pastor at our church to mention adoption in his sermons during the month.” – Michael, Sara & John  – domestic adoption 2005

“We always start the month by  telling the story of how we became a family….” Richard, Mary & Maya – China adoption 2000

“Last year, Emily and her friends held a bake sale with the proceeds going to China’s Tomorrow Plan” – Rachel & Emily – China adoption 1993

“We have a very open relationship with Courtney’s birth mother, who lives a few hours away, so we try to get together sometime in November, to celebrate how we all became family.”  – John, Mary & Courtney – domestic adoption 1993

“We donate an adoption book to the school library at our children’s school, Emily came up with the idea when she was in first grade and wondered why she couldn’t find any adoption related books at her school. Now we donate books to Maya and Sam’s schools too. ” – Cindy, Emily, Maya (China adoption 1994, 1996) & Sam – Guatemala 1998

No matter how a family celebrates, it is the common thread of adoption that joins everyone together.  By sharing stories and shedding light on the millions of children in need of homes across the world and here in the US the adoption community joins together to share in the joy adoption brings to families.

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