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November Book Reviews

books5All reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

Adoption For Singles 2008-2009: Everything You Need To Know To Decide If Parenthood Is For You by Victoria Solsberry – This book was written to walk single men and women through the process of adoption, whether domestic — private adoption of newborns or children in foster care — or international. This book helps you decide if you’re emotionally ready to be a parent, tells you what it costs to adopt and how others have managed it financially, and how to decide what age child is best for you. It describes the adoption process and how to start, and how to prepare your life and home for a child. It also contains Q&As with adoption professionals, adoptive parents, and a directory of countries and their policies toward American singles.  AFTH price $30.00

How I Became a Big Sister by Dave Moore -A children’s book for ages 4-8 that explains adoption to young children. It is a simple story of how a little girl who doesn’t have any siblings all suddenly becomes a big sister.  The story is told from the point of view of the toddler, and touches on many of the concerns and fears that a child might be experiencing when their family decides to adopt. AFTH Price $13.00

Mommy, Mama & Me (Board book) & Daddy, Papa & Me (Board Book) by Leslea Newman – These two books are charming and lighthearted, with a happy couple taking their toddler out for a fun day in the park, then back home for some cooking, dinner, a bath, and the inevitable toddler-book good night.  Lots of cuddling, love, tenderness and smiles.  No apologies are made for the nontraditional couple, and no speeches are made either: the pictures speak for themselves. A wonderful depiction of same-sex parents.  AFTH price $8.00 each

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