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Jin Jin & the Rain Wizard

AFTH is proud to announce that our former China facilitator Grace Chang has published her 2nd book about Jin Jin the Dragon.  Jin Jin and the Rain Wizard introduces readers to yet another fascinating aspect of Chinese culture. At the end of the book, two additional pages describe the history of rice and the legend of Rain Wizard.

Grace was born in Beijing into a family of famous entertainers. As a young girl, Grace learned magic from her grandfather in the courtyards of the Forbidden City. She also sat with her father as he wrote, while dreaming of becoming a writer herself one day. Today Grace is a multi-talented performer, illusionist, and storyteller and has helped hundreds of families adopt from China.

Chong Chang, Grace Chang’s brother, has been drawing since the age of five. He graduated from Tiansen Art School and lives in China, where he works in graphic design. Because of the time difference between Brooklyn and China, Grace and Chong frequently exchange ideas in the middle of the night.

All reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

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