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February Book Reviews

All reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

The Toddler Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble Shooting Tips, and advice on System Maintenance. Hilarious blend of schematic diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and step-by-step instructions, The Toddler Owner’s Manual explores issues of childhood from ages one to three. Does your toddler refuse to consume fuel? Are there viruses in her system? Do you need to reprogram her sleep routine? Whatever your concerns, you’ll find the answers here.  A great book for Dads.  AFTH price $16.00

Different and Wonderful: Raising Black Children in a Race-Conscious Society by Dr. Darlene Hopson – Written for African-American parents this book really speaks to any parent of  African-American children by helping to prepare their children to become positive, productive, and self-respecting individuals in American society.  Chapters focus on modeling, strengthening, and open communication of parents on such complex issues as racial identification, teenage sexuality, day care, and family relations during the developmental stages of childhood to adulthood. The stated goals empower  families to cope with still-racist institutions. A significant contribution is the network of resources (books, magazines, games and toys, and cultural centers) that celebrate black culture. AFTH price $19.00

But I Don’t Feel Too Old to Be a Mommy!: The Complete Sourcebook for Starting (and Re-Starting) Motherhood Beyond 35 and After 40 by Doreen Nagle -The trend to later child rearing is significant, with the numbers of mothers over the age of 35 having grown 75 percent in the last decade, while the numbers in the traditional ages continue to decline. From celebrities to the woman next door, later child rearing is no flash-in-the-pan fad “and isn’t going to subside; future trends only show women will continue to delay motherhood,” according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

This is one of the only books to fully address the concerns of the ever-growing but greatly ignored audience of literate, educated women who have delayed motherhood. In this comprehensive work, women who are considering parenting in their 30s, 40s and later-whether for the first time or starting over-will find all the information they need to make informed choices. Details the risks, rewards, rumors and resources-from making the decision to start a family, to every imaginable way to get there, to the realities of motherhood beyond 35 and 40. Issues covered include infertility, pregnancy, surrogacy, adoptions, the pros and cons of later motherhood, single parenting, and financial and career considerations. Complete with quotes from medical experts, later-in-life moms and their kids, this one-stop book will calm the doubts and fears of women considering motherhood after 35 and beyond 40 by providing supportive yet realistic information.  AFTH price $ 11.00

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