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March Book Reviews

All reviewed books are available in our branch offices or in our online store.

Pieces of Me: Who do I want to Be? Voices of Adopted Teens edited by Robert Ballard.  – intended for a teen audience this book is actually beneficial readers of all ages.  Pieces of me provides an excellent jumping off point for discussion between parents and their children to explore their feelings about adoption.  There is even a space in the book for teens to write their own reflections on their adoption.  List price $24.95 AFTH price $18.00

Racism Explained to My Daughter by Tahar Ben Jelloun – Attempting to explain racism is challenging enough, and it is even harder when one is explaining it to a child.  Written in question-and-answer format to his daughter’s questions, Ben Jelloun’s answers in the book are appropriately brief. William Ayers, Lisa Delpit, David Mura, and Patricia Williams, parents and writers continuing the discussion and apply it to American with Chapters of their own. The book is easy to read and provocative,  touching on discrimination, religion, genetics, stereotyping, immigration, xenophobia, and more.  List Price $13.95 AFTH price $12.00

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