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Adopted Children: Doing Just Fine, Thanks

Adopted children make up about 2 percent of the child population in the USA, or about 1.8 million kids.

According to Adoption USA: A Charbook Based on the 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents, published by the Department of Health and Human Services, those kids usually benefit from being adopted: The report describes 85 percent of them as being in “excellent health”, with 81 percent of their parents saying their relationships are “very warm and close”.  Only about 15 percent say the relationship is “more difficult” than they expected.

Adopted children are also more likely to be read to daily at a young age (68 percent, vs. 48 percent of non-adopted children), more likely to be sung to or told stories on a daily basis (73 percent vs. 39 percent), and participate more in extracurricular school activities (85 percent vs. 81 percent).

3 thoughts on “Adopted Children: Doing Just Fine, Thanks”

    1. Not from the information I was working from for that piece. But after working in this field for over 20 years my experience has been that most adopted children wonder and ask questions about their birth parents. Statistics have also shown that many adoptees have said they feel special that their biological parents made a selfless plan in their best interest. Very few adoptees that I have spoken with have negative feelings toward their biological parents for placing them for adoption.

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