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May Book Reviews

The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, Revised Editionby Carol Kronowitz : Sensory Processing Disorder is gaining attention and this book provides a great overview of different sensory issues and provides lists of the common symptoms, as well as it’s possible causes.  It also is a great resource for activities to help children regulate themselves within different situations.  It helps parents learn some of the clues that children exhibit and how to respond to their needs.  A good resource for parents of children with Sensory integration disorders and autism.

The Belated Baby: Parenting after Infertility by Kelly James Enger and Jill S Browning – Approximately 7.3 million American women have struggled with infertility; the echoes of which  may be felt long after they live out the dream of having their own baby either through birth, adoption or surrogacy.  Many women often find themselves mentally unprepared for motherhood. They feel they have no right to complain about the frustration and confusion that all new sleep-deprived parents experience, after all, they worked so hard to have a baby.  This book shares the stories of many women who have gone through this post infertility depression.  It also discusses the many stages that couples may go through as they struggle with infertility and then ultimately find themselves new parents.  This book is straight forward and validating as well as encouraging to those who find themselves in this position.

Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families by Patricia Irwin Johnston – This book is not a how to guide for the adoption process, rather, its goal is to serve as a guide through the hard questions that must be addressed and examined before any realistic decisions about adoption can be made with advice on whether adoption is even the right choice for your family.  Through Pat Johnston’s insight, expertise, and personal experience in the fields of adoption and infertility, she brings knowledge and understanding to a diverse audience of readers from infertile couples and singles, to their children, to supportive family members and friends. Underlying this book is a great how-to guide for communication in marriages and partnerships and it offers support and practical advice to readers after they make their own decision of what is best for them.  A great starting point for families considering adoption.

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