International Adoption, new fathers, Parenting

August Book Reviews

From Home to Homeland: What Adoptive Families Need to Know before Making a Return Trip to China – Every year, hundreds of adoptive families embark on homeland trips to China and other countries. Homeland trips offer great opportunities for helping adopted children develop a coherent narrative that makes sense of their complicated beginnings.   This book is a great compilation of short articles by families who have made a return trip to China with their adopted children. Every story is unique, every perspective poignant, and the authors contributions glue it all together.  Price $12.89 from

Hello, I Love You: Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood by Ted Kluck This is the story of two international adoptions, complete with piles of cash, passport checks, airport con-men, electrocution, and Ukrainian cops on our doorstep with guns. It’s all part of the wild ride that is international adoption. But so is God’s faithfulness taking new forms each day through the love of friends, the support of family, the comfort of Scripture, and the fellowship of a new church family in a foreign land. Perhaps the most wrenching aspect to digest was the description of how Kluck felt while they were dealing with infertility. How difficult it was to be around so many fertile women, especially in their church – someone was always getting pregnant, throwing a baby shower, or delivering a baby, which was a constant reminder of what wasn’t happening for them. The pain was palpable. Price $11.19 from

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