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September Book Review

All books purchased by clicking the link in our review will give AFTH a small donation from  If you are interested in purchasing one of the books in our review please consider buying it through our link to

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles by Darlene Friedman: It’s Cassidy—Li’s turn to be Star of the Week at school! So she’s making brownies and collecting photos for her poster. She has pictures of all the important people in her life—with one big exception. Cassidy—Li, adopted from China when she was a baby, doesn’t have a photo of her birthparents. But with a little help from her family, she comes up with the perfect way to include them! $12.23 on

Gay Parents/Straight Schools: Building Communication and Trust by Virginia Casper & Steven Shultz- The authors openly address the specific educational realities and needs of lesbian- and gay-headed families. They explore why gayness is perceived as such a threat, especially to the education of young children, when it can enrich the world views of children and adults. The book features wise insights from children, teachers, administrators, and parents, and useful strategies to ensure the best education for children. $19.32 on

All Families Are Special by Norma Simon: When a teacher asks her students to tell about their families, each child speaks of a different configuration. There are big, small, and extended families. Children live with a mom and dad, grandparents, two same-gender parents, or stepparents. The youngsters mention adoption, divorce, and death of a parent and pets. Then, they discuss the good and bad times that families have together. The tone throughout is upbeat and positive. The bright watercolor illustrations depict smiling, multicultural people living in immaculate middle-class surroundings. $11.55 on

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs by Peter and Pamela Wright and Sandra O’Connor: An easy to read book about IEPs, special education law explained in plain language and easy to find answers about key legal questions would ever be used together in the same sentence? Well, with this new book from Wrightslaw, this is all made possible! All About IEPs is a must-have book for parents, educators, advocates and anyone involved in special education. It is a wonderful reference tool that is laid out in a very user-friendly format that provides quick reference to specific topics related to special education. All About IEPs answers more than 200 frequently asked questions about IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) and the IEP process. The Q & A format makes it quick and easy to find your specific areas of interest without ever having to read the entire book from beginning to end, searching for the answers. $12.95 on

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