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October Book Reviews

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Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy by Carla Louis Long – Why I’m So Special focuses on a Mom and Dad who want a baby. After much trying they head for a doctor who tells them about surrogacy. Once the Mom and Dad meet their gestational surrogate, Bonnie, the baby ‘is put into Bonnie’s tummy’ and it starts to grow. With simple language and great illustrations, any toddler will come away with the feeling that he or she was already planned and Mom and Dad were able to make their dream come true. $17.95 on

My New Family: A First Look at Adoption by Pat Thomas This book is great,  it talks about the birth mother and how she might not be able to care for a baby. It also talks about foster parents. I like the fact that is shows adults and children both having sad moments. Some books are so sugary sweet that they paint an unrealistic portrait of what adopted children feel. $6.99 on

In Search of a Family: A Story of an International Adoption by Kevin and Ginger Carlisle –  This was a great book about Ukraine adoption.  It really showed the beauty of the country and all the ups and downs of international adoption.  Easy to read this book takes you on a journey with this family as they go through the adoption process to adopt siblings from Ukraine.  It was uplifting to read about how this  family adapted to the changing situations, the sometimes less than hospitable living conditions, the strangeness of the food, and just roll with the punches, making their time in Ukraine a positive adventure filled with humor. $15.56 on

Child of Many Colors: Stories of Transracial Adoption by Shannon Guymon  -author Shannon Guyman has compiled an inspiring collection of stories depicting the drama, excitement, pangs of anxiety and guidance of faith that accompany building a family. Drawing on her own experiences as an adoptive mother, Shannon presents the true-to-life realities of transracial adoption.  $9.99 on

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