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November Book Reviews

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Alexis and Ralph the Dragon by Bernard Kowalski – This children’s book is an adorable story of a baby dragon left on a human couple’s doorstep. Raised as a little boy, Ralph doesn’t know he’s a dragon until he meets other children. Befriended by a little girl, Al

exis, they discover acceptance and learn to celebrate their differences, and how much they have in common. $19.95 on

Inside the Adoption Agency: Understanding Intercountry Adoption in the Era of the Hague Convention by Jean Nelson Erichsen – This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in international adoption-prospective adoptive parents and professionals alike it gives the reader a clear understanding of the history of international adoption, how international adoption agencies work, and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. The last chapter, Predicting the Future of International Adoption, is extremeley informative for anyone considering international adoption today. Its explanation of the Hague Convention, how it came about, and what its impact will be on future adoptions will give prospective adoptive parents a better understanding of where international adoption is going and what they may face on their journey to adopt their child. $11.95 on

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