Helping Children Answer Questions About Adoption

You never know when your child will be asked about their adoption.  They may be questioned on the school bus, in the lunch room, on the playground or at a friends house. The key is to prepare your child to answer questions with confidence.

Talk to your child openly, at an age appropriate level about adoption.

  • Explain how different families are formed.
  • Talk about birth parents and how some women place their children with other families because they can’t take care of them or give them what they need at that time in their lives.
  • Explain that adoption is forever.  That they will always be your child but they also have other people who love and care about them.
  • Explain why you do or don’t look like your child.

By empowering your child with knowledge it will help them feel more comfortable when they are asked questions and not feel “weird” about being adopted.  It also helps to give them a little boost to their self-esteem to know that they are “teaching” someone else about adoption.

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