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May Book Reviews

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The Colors of Us by Karen Katz – A mother and daughter take a walk through their neighborhood noticing all the varying shades of brown.  This is a great book to explore the variations in everyone’s skin tone without being preachy.  It doesn’t talk about race, or adoption just about the beauty in all the different colors people come in. price $7.99

Surrogacy, A Magical Delivery by Tamra Martin – A tale of a possum family that longs to have children but is finding it difficult so they turn to alternative ways to start their family.  This is a great little book to help explain surrogacy to children. price $11.00

Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love by Xinran – A collection of stories of Chinese women forced to give up their baby girls because of the one-child-only policy.  Xinran speaks with midwives, students, businesswomen, adoption workers, peasants, and “extra-birth guerrilla troops” (people who live on the lam eluding the system so they can have more than one baby).  Her interviews are honest and she gets the interviewees to open up about their most painful memories. This book gives voice to the Chinese birth mothers  as a way of explanation regarding the hardest choice they ever had to make. price $13.58

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