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June Book Reviews

All books purchased by clicking the link in our review will give AFTH a small donation from  If you are interested in purchasing one of the books in our review please consider buying it through our link to

E Is for Ethiopia (World Alphabets) – Beautiful photographs of Ethiopia accompany all the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter is accompanied by a word or an object that is seen in Ethiopia.  Great way to learn more about Ethiopian culture. price $12.21

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet by Melissa Fay Greene – There aren’t enough words to express how great this book is.  Funny, witty, and inspiring. No Biking in the House Without a Helmet is an amazingly well written book about a family with four biological children and five adopted children, and how it all came about. The author, Melissa Fay Greene, has the rare gift of being able to write honestly about herself and her children (all her children not just the adopted ones!), while at the same time making you fall in love with all of them.  Green doesn’t gloss over the hard parts of raising a family this size.  She talks about how after they adopted their first child she suffered from a post-adoption depression,  the fights between the kids, and the different issues that arise from raising so many children. price $17.16

Monday is One Day by Arthur A Levine – A fun story of a parent’s busy work week and how the days are counted down through a series of love notes from a working parent to a child. All types of families are represented and from single parent families, two parent families, older parents and same sex couples.  A lovely little book. price $11.55

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