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August Book Reviews

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NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman – This parenting book is about not parenting by the book.  I know that sounds counter intuitive for a parenting book but this one doesn’t give advice on how to parent instead it provides modern research from respected sources that challenge common perceptions and beliefs about parenting. The book offers a wealth of practical advice that you can apply to your own children in a variety of areas including lying, bullying, learning, language acquisition, and more. price $9.14

Standing in Two Places: A New Landscape of Motherhood by Ashley Dyson –One woman’s journey to parenting using a surrogate mother.  While Ashley’s story is not going to be identical to everyone’s who uses surrogacy to create their family, families using surrogacy may relate to the feeling she describes.  Dyson’s voice is honest and thought provoking.  She weaves her story and her emotional state during this process together in an personal way that draws you in. price $ 14.95

Hard to Place: One Family’s Journey through Adoption by Marion Goldstein – An absorbing hard to put down true story of Marion and her family.  The Goldstein’s adopted sibling boys from foster care after already having three biological children.  Many families would have crumbled under just one of the challenges this family faced, but instead the Goldsteins triumphed and became even closer as they overcame each crisis. A truly inspirational tale. price $14.95

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