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September Book Reviews

All books purchased by clicking the link in our review or going to our bookstore (see tab above) will give AFTH a small donation from Amazon.com.  

Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Books) Mem Fox- A great book to teach acceptance of each other no matter what we look like.  This multi-cultural book shares that all people no matter their color or the way they live are the same inside.  We all love , cry and hurt the same.  A fabulous book for all children.  amazon.com price $3.99

I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont –Filled with fabulous silly pictures this book is a great self esteem booster.  Reinforcing the idea that no matter what other people think of you, you have to like yourself for who you are.  A beautiful story with a beautiful message.  amazon.com price $ 10.88

The Family Book by Todd Parr – A wonderful book that shows family diversity.  Teaching kids that not all families look the same or are created the same way but neither one is better than another.  Beautifully illustrated this is a great way to explain family differences to your children. amazon.com $6.99

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain – This silly little book helps kids who have a hard time describing their feelings.  Filled with fun colorful illustrations each page describes a different emotion.  Great for helping younger children identify their feelings. (the board book of this title is a shortened version and does not have all the same pages – this review refers to the hard cover book)  amazon.com price $11.53

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