A fabulous letter to adoptive parents

I recently stumbled upon an incredible and thought provoking post by Cynthia, a birth mother blogger.  It is one of the best I’ve read on how birth mothers feel when adoptive parents shut the door on their open adoption.  It asks you to put yourself in someone elses shoes and think about your reasons for breaking a commitment you made.   Here is an excerpt of what she has written….

“I’m sure there are many reasons and many ways to reason why closing the adoption was/is a good idea. We can always find excuses and some are valid. If you have closed off a once open adoption, let me ask you: Was it motivated by fear? Was it motivated by “what-if’s”? Was it motivated by “I don’t want…”? Secrecy? Because you were tired of sharing? Because your birthmother isn’t acting appropriately? Insecurity? Because just like the birthmother that decided her unexpected pregnancy was no longer about her, you also have to decide that adoption is not about you.”

Her words are moving, and real.  To read the full post click here. 

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