October Book Reviews

All books purchased by clicking the link in our review or going to our bookstore (see tab above) will give AFTH a small donation from Amazon.com.  

This is US: The New All-American Family by David Marin – David Marin is funny, insightful, passionate and persistent. As a single, man he adopted three young, bi-cultural children, it should have been simple for him to provide a home for this trust-hungry trio. It was anything but.  This is US, recounts the crazy-making bureaucracy he waded through, a mean-spirited boss, a society that does not view men as nurturing parents and a and prejudiced society. This is and amazing and funny book and a great addition to anyone’s reading list.  amazon.com price $13.22

Honor Thy Daughters: A Father’s Story of a China Adoption by Carlos Pineda – Carlos Pineda tells the story of adopting his daughter from China from his point of view.  It deals with his feelings before and after deciding to adopt and all the emotions that came up while in China and experiencing meeting his daughter for the first time.  A beautiful story and one of the few told from a man’s perspective.  amazon.com price $13.99

Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoptionby Julie Gumm – This is a great resource for anyone needing help funding an adoption. Julie tells her personal story of how her family climbed out of debt and then adopted internationally without going into debt at all. She shares many easy fundraising ideas fundraising ideas that anyone could do as well as information on grants and loans. Finances tend to be a main reason many never actually pursue an adoption, but this book will help take that burden away! amazon.com price $11.99

Broken Spirits ~ Lost Souls: Loving Children with Attachment and Bonding Difficulties by Jane E Ryan. –  This is a very comprehensive and informative book that can help parents of children with RAD. There are many stories in these pages that are heart wrenching and will speak to so many parents who are dealing with similar issue! This book provides strategies, therapies and hope that things can get better.  amazon.com $21.24

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