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Gift Card Drive

There is no greater way to honor National Adoption Month and the upcoming time of thanks this November than by giving back to those less fortunate. AFTH is often asked by community organizations and AFTH families “what is something we can do to really help birth mothers and pregnant women in need?” This question is very hard to answer because each woman has very different needs.

Each year just before the holiday season, AFTH makes a donation of gift cards to birth mothers who have placed through the agency and have been identified by social workers as needing some extra financial assistance – many of whom are parenting other children. Last year, AFTH donated a total of $10,325 to 31 women and one man who were parenting between 2-3 children each and who had placed through AFTH’s domestic program.

The gift cards help the women to purchase groceries, clothing and toys for their children during the holidays. Each year, heartfelt thanks you letters remind us that the gift cards are often the only way for some of the women to afford to do anything special for their children during the holidays.

AFTH Gift Card Drive…
AFTH will graciously be accepting TargetAcmeWalmart and Visa gift cards in denominations ranging from $25-$200 (please indicate gift card amount because some cards don’t say and we will need to know). The gift cards will be given to birthmothers with children at home in need of a little extra help during the upcoming holiday season.

You can buy gift cards at almost any supermarket or pharmacy at their gift card kiosk.  You don’t have to make a separate trip to a specific store, making it easy to pick one up when you’re out running errands.

Gift cards can be sent to the AFTH main office at 30-31Hampstead Circle, Wynnewood, PA 19096 – Attention:Gift Card Drive. Please send gift card donations to arrive by November 25th -Thanksgiving.

If you would like to become even more involved, AFTH can provide a flyer to help you spread the word at your church, work, or other group organization. Contact for more information on this year’s AFTH Gift Card Drive benefiting birth mothers and fathers in need.

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