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November Book Reviews

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Planning Parenthood: Strategies for Success in Fertility Assistance, Adoption, and Surrogacy by Rebecca Clark, Gloria Richard-Davis, Jill Hayes, Michelle Murphy & Katherine Pucheu Theall – This is a great book that offers all the latest insights on everything from adoption to fertility assistance, legal and medical risks, personal issues prospective parents need to consider, and more. Personal stories of parents’ experiences blend with insights to make for a powerful informative book on parenting options. price $14.78

On the Outskirts of Normal by Debra Monroe – Monroe, twice divorced wanted to create a loving family of her own. She fixes up her cabin in a small Texas town and adopts an African-American baby girl.  If being a white professional in this small town didn’t make her strange enough, being the single mother of a black infant certainly made her stand out.  Monroe’s biography of raising her daughter while battling prejudice, and a busy demanding work schedule is an engaging and poignant read. price $11.21

Unmarried with Children: The Complete Guide for Unmarried Families by Brette McWhorter Sember – Unmarried parents are not as unusual as they once were.  Many heterosexual couples are choosing to remain unmarried but live as a family and there are more and more LGBT families that are unable to marry.  This book is a great resource for the legal rights of mothers, fathers and children. Including inheritance, custody, second parent adoption, assisted reproduction, how to obtain birth certificates, parenting as unmarried partners, co-parenting when you are no longer romantic partners, dealing with schools and medical professionals and so much more.  I have never seen so much information in one place.  A great resource for single and unmarried partners. price $12.95

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