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December Book Reviews

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Daddy, Where’s Your Vagina? What I Learned As a Stay-at-home Dad by Joe Schatz-  This funny memoir of being a stay at home dad to three daughters came from Schatz’s blog of his experiences.  This book is funny, insightful and informative. It shows that Dad’s are just as good at parenting as Mom’s and gives them the credibility that many don’t receive from the community. price $17.99 for the paperback

Silent Tears by Kay Bratt – Kay and her husband along with their young daughter move to China for her husband to help start a company.  During their stay Kay volunteers in an orphanage and what she sees there outrages and disheartens her.  She decides to make it  her mission to help these unwanted children. The text is taken from pages of her journal while she was in China and also interspersed are stories. This is not an emotionally easy read but it does make a profound impact. price $ 10.13

Adopting the Hurt Child by Gregory Keck & Regina Kupecky – An amazing book for anyone who is considering adopting an older child.  This book will help you to think long and hard about your possible parenting capabilities and if you can handle the challenge.  To know what you may be dealing with is better than to walk blindly into a situation you may not be comfortable handling.  The details are not always pretty it may be difficult to believe some of what you read but  this book not only deals with the issues of attachment and other developmental issues of the adoptive child, but it gives you practical strategies to overcome and deal with them. price 12.10

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