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The Truth about Mothers: They’re Human, too

Being a mother can be stressful. But admitting that you sometimes need a break can be hard, given the expectations that society has for the “perfect” mother. Not to mention how long and hard you have worked through infertility to finally achieve your goal of being a mother.

A survey of some 25,000 moms (reported on the website) uncovered some secrets about what mothers secretly want, and don’t want from their lives. Some of the findings:

  • 88% of moms harshly judge other mothers for such things as a child’s misbehavior or weight.
  • 84% of moms use their parental responsibilities as an excuse to avoid other obligations.
  • 53% of moms would prefer a good nights sleep to sex.
  • 49% of mothers have sent their children to school when they’re sick.
  • 23% of mothers say what they want most is some time alone.
  • 18% of mothers have medicated their children to ensure a quiet car trip or fight and 8% have done so for the sake of a quiet night at home.
  • 14% of mothers favor one child over another.

The 88% of moms who judge other moms is one of the most disturbing statistic in this mix.  Maybe as mom’s we should cut each other some slack and know that most of us are doing the best we can.  Parenting is hard work! You don’t know what else is going on in someone else’s world so its best not to judge too harshly.  Not everyone is perfect and maybe if we support each other we can help each other instead of cutting each other down.  – just a thought and maybe something to reach for in the coming new year.

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