Do your children need their own rooms?

Should your children be in separate rooms? Some siblings want their own space; others don’t like to  be alone. Of course the size and layout of your home is an important consideration. But if you have the option of giving each child his or her own room, take some time to determine whether it’s really what your family wants – or needs. Here are factors to consider:

  • The children’s personalities: Some siblings prefer each other’s company and aren’t as happy being alone, even if they seem to fight all the time. Don’t jump to conclusions about what’s best without talking to them and observing their behavior.
  • Age and gender: Sisters and brothers can share rooms successfully when they’re young, as long as they have a reasonable amount of privacy. But as they grow older you’ll need to find separate rooms for them.
  • Independence and privacy: Children who have their own rooms will feel more freedom and a greater sense of privacy, which can support their personal needs in terms of security and self reliance (as well as what posters to hang on their walls).
  • Bonding: Siblings who share a room learn how to solve problems and compromise. They may also be better prepared for sharing college dorm rooms or after they graduate, an apartment.

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