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January Book Reviews

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Waiting to Forget by Sheila Kelly Welch –  written in the voice of 13 year old TJ this is a powerful book about family.  TJ’s sister is in the ER after falling down the stairs, while waiting to see if she will be okay TJ goes through his “life book”.  Looking back on “then” you see what has happened in TJ’s short life and why he is struggling to fit in with his new adoptive family. “Now” tell of his wait and his conflicting emotions regarding his allegiance to his biological family and his want of love from his adoptive family.  A powerful and great book for understanding foster children and what they may have gone through, and their conflicted emotions toward their biological and adoptive parents. price $9.99 for the paperback

On Their Own: What Happens to Kids When They Age Out of the Foster Care System by Martha Shirk & Gary Stangler  This is a basic guide to the foster care system. Children in the foster care system are on their own once they turn 18 years old.  Although there are now numerous programs in place to extend services to these children up to age 21, many are on their own.  This book tells the stories of several children who have aged out of the system. Its real and heartbreaking, there are several ideas in the back of the book on what people can do to help these children succeed and not get left behind. price $ 10.99

Adopting the Hurt Child by Gregory Keck & Regina Kupecky – Unfortunately the world is not the color blind place many parents wish it was.  By ignoring race and racial discrimination white parents who adopt black children are doing their children a disservice.  Even the black community needs to step up and look at their biases and examine how to help trans-racially adopted children embrace and love their differences.  Darron Smith has written a book with good information in a rather dry format.  More of a text book than a novel the information is great if you can muddle through dry prose.  If you are adopting trans-racially I recommend you borrow this one from the library and be open to some of the ideas. price $28.59

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my novel, Waiting to Forget. My husband and I adopted six of our seven children, and four of the kids who were adopted joined our family when they were between seven and twelve years old. Although the book is fiction, I wanted it to reflect the true feelings of many children who have conflicting emotions about adoption. Our kids are all grown up now and we have seven delightful grand children. Best wishes to all of you who are involved in helping children.

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