Help Us Help a Very Special Girl

Since the spring of 2007, AFTH has been collecting money to help aid a very special little girl, Tori. At only 9 months, when most babies are beginning to crawl, Tori began fighting for her life after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor.

Throughout the many ups and downs since being diagnosed 5 years ago, Tori’s spirit is unwavering even during this most recent set back. “She remains happy, energetic, sassy as anything,” says her mom.

Tori’s routine MRI in October showed devastating evidence that Tori has relapsed for the 5th time. The new chemo protocol she was put on because Avastin which was working may have caused a small bleed in her brain, was unsuccessful against her tumor.

Tori is, and has been for sometime now, on uncharted waters with her treatment. She has continued to defy the odds but the negative side of that is the treatment options are scarce…there is no protocol for her anymore. There hasn’t been for some time.

The decision was made to restart Avastin, the chemo which had been successful in the past despite the brain bleed. Tori has had her fifth and final treatment of Avastin and the family is awaiting MRI results.

“We so appreciate the continued support we get from AFTH after all these years.”

AFTH welcomes donations for the Tori Fund. The family’s greatest expense is traveling back and forth from Central PA to CHOP – gas, tolls, and parking  which is occurring every other week and sometimes as much as six times a month. “We used to have a fund through our church that helped defer that cost but it has been depleted for some time now.”

Donations for the Tori Fund (please note in check memo) can be sent to AFTH at 30-31 Hampstead Circle, Wynnewood, PA 19096, or donations can be made online by clicking the button below. Please remember to check Special Fund and put TORI FUND in the memo box.

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