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Taking Notes from Mother Nature

The Whydah is an African bird who unlike other species doesn’t lay her eggs in her own nest.  This bird lays her eggs into the nest of Finches. Even though the baby Whydah chick looks completely different from the other chicks in the nest, when it opens its mouth for dinner time, this baby bird looks almost identical to the baby Finches.

The parents of the nestlings can see no difference in the open mouths of their baby birds as they feed and nurture them. They Whydah chick simply grows up with its adoptive family.

As the baby Whydah grows up he learns the calls and patterns of his adoptive parents, the Finches. This way when the Whydah matures, it will know exactly how to identify the perfect parents to raise its own future eggs. These remarkable animals are nurtured and raised by one another the way mother nature intended for them, through adoption.

If animals are capable of looking past biology when it comes to family, maybe we should take notes?

If you love animals and stories of overcoming stereotypes you should also check out the book  “Unlikely Frienships” by Jennifer S. Holland. “Unlikely Friendships” features one heartwarming tale after another of animals who, with nothing else in common, bond in the most unexpected ways.

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