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March Book Reviews

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Infertility and Adoption: A Husband and Father’s Perspective by Roy Sokol -This small book is honest and insightful.  If you ever wondered how infertility effects the man in your life this short read is the book for you.  If you are a husband going through this roller coaster ride of infertility this book can help validate your emotions and concerns. Roy Sokol describes his frustration in watching his wife go through painful procedures, the helplessness of not knowing how to “fix” the problem and trying to balance life and the all consuming need to start a family.  When they decide to adopt he takes you through their journey, the frustrations the ups and downs and ultimately the joy of adopting internationally from Russia.  An honest, quick insightful read. price $9.35 or $4.62 on kindle.

Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It; Straight Answers to Hearfelt Questions by Dr. Ray Guarendi– Relying on his experiences raising 10 adopted children Guarendi has written a book that asks some of the most common adoption questions.  Each chapter is written in question and answer format that offers practical advice on questions such as, talking to your children, adoption self image, why choose adoption, and more.  This book is easy to read and a great book to share with family members to help them understand adoption. price $11.01  Kindle price $9.99

Beyond Consequences, Logic, & Control, Volume 2 by Heather Forbes– Heather offers families a new view to parenting children with difficult and severe behaviors including attachment issues. As a parent herself who experienced difficult times following the adoption of her two children, she offers a ground-breaking approach to parenting that shows parents a proven way to develop strong and loving relationships with their children.The first six chapters discuss the principles of her love-based parenting paradigm. A new understanding of why traditional parenting techniques are ineffective with children with difficult behaviors is given, along with clear and concise explanations of the science behind trauma and negative early life experiences. The next seven chapters address specific behaviors, including poor social skills, homework battles, demanding behaviors, self-injury, defensive attitudes, no conscience, and chores. Each chapter gives specific examples of how to implement her parenting principles, empowering parents to make amazing and permanent changes in their homes. All the examples given throughout these chapters are true stories provided by parents. price $19.95 Kindle price $9.99

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