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While You Wait for Your Adoption

For many people, “waiting” is the most challenging part of the adoption journey. We won’t lie…there are many times throughout your adoption process that you may find yourself stressed and impatiently waiting…

  • after requesting information be mailed from your chosen adoption agency
  • once you have registered for a meeting or orientation
  • after you submitted your application
  • until your homestudy begins
  • after your homestudy is approved
  • while you are waiting for a placement
  • until finalization after you have a child placed in your home
  • And probably some more in between

…Yes. You will wait. It can be difficult and discouraging but this is also a great opportunity to learn as much as you can and prepare as well as possible for life after your child’s adoption is finalized.

Consider This Throughout Your Wait:

  • Read. Check out our book list. We have TONS of recommended adoption books. You can visit our online bookstore at or ask your social worker/adoption counselor for personal recommendations.
  • Get involved. Join one our support groups. Meet other waiting families. Many people find comfort in discussing their adoption story and waiting process with those who are in a similar situation. We have many families who have made lifelong friends through our support groups.
  • Research your local healthcare providers. Choose an appropriate pediatrician for your child and be prepared to schedule doctors visits and soon as he or she arrives home. Try and find a pediatrician who has experience in dealing with adoption-related issues and keep in mind that your child’s medical history may not be available.
  • Research your local school district. Get a jump start on deciding which school you will eventually feel most comfortable sending your child to.
  • Blog about your journey. We love to hear about your personal adoption journey and so do others. It will serve as a distraction from the waiting process and will be a great thing to look back on in a few months when your child is home with you.
  • Relax and enjoy the anticipation as much as possible. Know that eventually your child will be in your arms.

Adoption is a journey. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s bumpy, and yes, sometimes it feels like there is a LOT of waiting.  Just remember that in a few years you will look back and think “where did the time go?”

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