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A Special First Mother’s Day

Rachel, a successful single woImageman, enjoys frequent travel and has experienced a full life. When Rachel returned from a trip to Europe almost two years ago, she realized that she was ready for her next adventure; she wanted to be a mother.

She had always known she wanted to choose adoption as a means of starting a family. After doing some research, she reached out to Adoptions From The Heart. She took an educational class in September and by October her baby’s nursery was ready. A new four-door car was purchased right away, in which she packed clothes, baby items, a pack & play–everything she would need if she got the call.

She purchased all things pink– furniture, clothes, toys, everything. Although you do not get to choose the sex of your baby when adopting, her intuition was telling her she was going to expect a baby girl.

In April, Rachel was matched with a pregnant woman who was due to give birth in May. She would walk in and out of the nursery three times a day, patiently awaiting the arrival of her first baby. That is, until the disappointment. Although not too common, a “disappointment” happens when a pregnant woman, who was matched with an adoptive family, changes her mind before the baby is placed with the adoptive family. When the woman she was matched with changed her mind, Rachel’s heart was broken. She returned the clothes, books, and toys and closed the door of the nursery; all that she kept was one baby doll which she slept with each night after. Rachel spent the rest of the summer beside herself, sad and depressed. She eventually even began testing to see if she was still fertile.

Three weeks later when she had almost given up, she got the call she was waiting for. She was selected again by another pregnant woman. It was exactly 40 weeks after she had begun the adoption process, coincidentally the normal gestational period for pregnancy. Rachel didn’t think this was by chance; she was convinced that this child was her “perfect baby”.

The woman that had chosen her, wanted to meet a week before the baby was to be born. Nervously, they met and by the end of their meeting, Rachel felt relieved and bonded with the woman, she felt like family.

But it wasn’t until the doctors and nurses actually called her “mom” that it hit Rachel. She was baby girl Becca’s mother now. Rachel’s own mother came to visit just 3 days after Becca was born. When she held her granddaughter, Becca started fussing. When she handed her back to Rachel the crying stopped immediately. Becca’s grandmother smiled “See, she knows who her mommy is”.

Rachel is over the moon with excitement about her first Mother’s Day with Becca. Rachel sings each morning and Becca chimes in, together they are so happy. “She is adorable, I’m glad she came to me the way she came to me.”

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