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Red Thread Sessions- Adoption Photography

We keep hearing about these Red Thread Sessions in one of our adoption discussion groups so we just had to check it out. This is a fabulous benefit for adoptive families. And no, it is not a scam! The term Red Thread Session relates back to our post a few weeks ago about the ancient Chinese legend that there is an invisible red thread connecting families and loved ones together and through adoption families find their children connected at the other end.

What is a Red Thread Session?

Red Thread Sessions is actually a group of photographers across the U.S. who have felt the need in their communities to celebrate the beauty of adoption through photos. These photographers generously donate their time, waiving a studio fee and often offering discounts to new adoptive families. Not only do they capture family portraits but also the extra moments an adoptive family experiences-the happy, confusing, moving, traumatic, and life-altering times that often pass so quickly. They offer the same photographer options to women placing their child for adoption as well.

What You Need to Know

  • Participating photographers have agreed to celebrate your adoption by completely waiving their session fee and offering edited proofs from your session at no cost to you. The size & quantity of proofs, as well as whether the proofs will be digital or printed, has been left to the discretion of each photographer.
  • Each photographer sets his or her own policies and product pricing. Travel fees and additional subject fees may still apply, please make sure to ask your participating photographer for details.
  • All participating photographers have different photographic & artistic styles. They are a mix of family, baby, child, event and birth photographers and come from all walks of life. When choosing a photographer to contact, keep in mind what type of Red Thread Session you would like to schedule.
  • If you are pregnant and planning on placing your child in and open adoption, you qualify. Although pain is a very real part of any adoption process, photographic memories are still important for both you and your child. Birth photos can help a family working through the grief of relinquishment and photos serve as a cherished keepsake for an adopted child. If you have already had your child you may instead talk with the adoptive family about arranging a Red Thread Portrait Session.
  • If your adoption has been completed in the last 3 months, then yes, you qualify for a Red Thread Session! However you should contact a photographer as soon as possible.
  • There are 3 types of Red Thread Sessions available:
  1. Family portrait session within the first 3 months of your finalized adoption to capture family portraits of your new family,
  2. Homecoming session where the volunteering photographer meets you at the airport upon your arrival home to capture the first moments with your family
  3. Birth photography session to capture the birth of the adoptive child in an open adoption.
  • Red Thread Sessions does not pre-screen the listed photographers.

How do I schedule my Red Thread Session?

You can find a Red Thread Sessions photographer via the “Find A Photographer” tab to view a list of participants.  After that, you will need to contact a participating photographer to discuss scheduling details. All photographers schedule their own sessions and typically book several months in advance. It is important that you contact a participating photographer as early as possible, preferably before your adoption is final, to allow for as much scheduling time as possible. Because photographers are donating 100% of their time for this organization, they may need to limit the number of Red Thread sessions they accept each year.

Members are from all over the US and multiple in each of our office areas- we checked!

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