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National Adoption Month & Living In The “Triad”

November is National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness about the adoption of children as well as the women who have chosen adoption for their children.  A birthmother is not brave; she is not strong or tough. She is simply a mother— mothers by instinct protect and love their children. She had the most difficult decision to make, and in order to best protect and love her child; her decision was to place him in the arms of another family.

The decision was not one that she had dreamed of making since she was a little girl. She had not “planned” for this to happen. But it did. And she had to choose. She is a mother who put her child’s life before her own.

This month, it is our hope that the community will reflect on the choices these women made—that birthmothers will find support and understanding from those who otherwise may not have given it freely. But also, we hope to support our children, the adoptees who may have a childhood that is a little more unique than some.

The “adoption triad” describes the one-of-a-kind connection between three parties in an adoption— birthmother, adoptive family, and child. For people who do not have a direct link to adoption, the lifestyle of those involved in the “triad” can be incomprehensible. Those who simply don’t understand ask a lot of questions because the “triad” relationship is so intimate and rare.

“What do you mean you have two Mommies?” You are traveling across the country to visit who? “How can you not know you family history, your heritage?” “You have a son but he lives with another family?” “Your child’s birth family—what’s that?”

This November get involved in spreading awareness about what it’s like to be a part of the “adoption triad”.  Join one of our fundraising projects and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and more for discussion, contests, and ways you can get involved. Let’s celebrate adoption, clear up some stereotypes and spread knowledge together!

Paper Heart Project, November 1st – 30th

Local small businesses will be showing their support for National Adoption Month and Adoptions From The Heart by joining in our Paper Heart Project this November.

How Can You Help?

For $1 donation per heart, paper hearts will be displayed to spread adoption awareness. You can join the project by visiting supporting businesses, any of our office locations, or by purchasing a heart online in the AFTH store. For a list of participating businesses or to purchase a Paper Heart online, please visit us at

All proceeds raised by the Paper Heart Project will go to AFTH’s Birthmother Fund which supports women in need who have chosen to place their child for adoption, in their education, counseling, medical care and guidance, living essentials, or other special needs.

Gift Card Drive, DEADLINE: November 20th

Just before the holiday season, AFTH identifies several birth mothers, parenting other children at home, as being in need of extra financial assistance. AFTH donates gift cards for groceries, clothing and toys for the children during the holidays. For many, this is the only way they can do something special for their children.

Last year we were able to help 35 families. This year, with the help of adoption supporters, we hope to help even more families!

How Can You Help?

AFTH will graciously be accepting Target, Acme, Walmart, and Visa gift cards ranging from $25-$200. Without these gift card donations, many of the birth mothers would not be able to provide a special meal, warm clothes, and a few presents for their children during the holiday season. If you or your company would like to make a monetary or gift card donation, you can send gift cards or checks for the “Gift Card Drive” to Adoptions From The Heart at 30-31 Hampstead Circle, Wynnewood, PA 19096. All donations are tax deductible.

2013 Building Beautiful Families Calendar

The 2013 calendars featuring children adopted through AFTH are now available for sale. All proceeds benefit the AFTH Birthmother Fund. See the last page of the newsletter insert for details. Already about 300 sold – order yours today. They make great gifts AND support adoption! Purchase Online Here.

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