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Let’s Celebrate…It’s National Adoption Month!

National Adoption Month is only a week away. Have you thought about how you will celebrate adoption as a part of your life, your family, your child?

Here are some suggestions of ways to honor National Adoption Month:

  1. Promote adoption awareness via social media. Use your Twitter, Facebook, or blog— whichever you choose. Share your stories, questions, and more help us spread adoption awareness and truths. Check out AFTH’s social media pages for fun contests and discussions all month long.
  2. Ask your local library to set up an adoption book display. Display brochures on adoption support groups and local adoption resources. (AFTH can supply you with a list of adoption books to make it easier for libraries to create book displays).
  3. Encourage your child to choose an adoption related story for his or her next school book report. Read the book yourself and start a new conversation with your child about adoption.
  4. Contact your place of worship and ask them to mention National Adoption Month or have an “adoption prayer”.
  5. Give thanks by remembering your child’s birth family, foster parents, or orphanage. Maybe you have a tradition or favorite activity to remember your child’s first families.
  6. Send an adopted child’s poem or artwork to a magazine or local newspaper. Be sure to include information about National Adoption Month.
  7. Send your own adoption story to your local paper. Many times the newspaper will print stories submitted by parents directly.
  8. Write to a meteorologist at your local TV or radio station or a national news show and ask them to mention National Adoption Month.
  9. Get political. Research the adoption laws in your state. Are they good, do you think they could be better? Write a letter to your congressman asking for better domestic adoption laws in your state.
  10. Join one of AFTH’s National Adoption Month projects! Purchase a paper heart online via the Paper Heart Project, in office, or at a local participating business.  Donate to the gift card drive. AFTH is collecting gift cards to Target, Walmart, Acme, etc. $25-$200. All proceeds from the project benefit the Birthmother Fund to support pregnant women in need of extra financial assistance.

How does your family celebrate and honor National Adoption Month?  We would love to hear from you!

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