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November 2012 Book Reviews

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Miracle in the Land of Wu by Buffi Young–  A beautifully illustrated book about a young baby in the land of Wu who has a heart problem so her mother leaves her at a hospital and prays that a new family will help her live.  Across the world a family answers her prayers and travels to the land of Wu and become her forever family. price $19.99

The Adventures of Koko and Joey: Family by Karen Below When Mr. Kookaburra meets the Roo family he learns about adoption and that family is where people love you.  This gives a good explanation along with fun characters to explain why some kids don’t always look like the rest of their family and what adoption is. price $7.08 for paperback

Mother Number Zero by Marjolijn Hof Fay and his sister Bing were adopted, and live with their parents in the Netherlands.  Fay was born to a Bosnian woman who fled to the Netherlands during the Bosnian War, Bing was adopted from China.  Fay meets a young girl named Maud who encourages him to find his birth mother.  This brings up all kinds of emotions in Fay, his sister and his parents.  This is great book to get the conversation started about birth parents, their situations and what happens when one child is able to find their birth parent and the other isn’t. The emotions were very realistic and the conversations were well done.  This would be a great read for parents whose children are starting to question where they came from and also for kids 9 and up. price $9.95 – paperback


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