What is your child’s learning style?

VAK All Cartoon 6 2011Learn how your child learns, and you’ll do a better job of helping him or her in school. Education experts say most children (and adults, for that matter) excel with one of these main styles:

  • Visual Learners: Learn best when they can see something, or picture it in their minds. They absorb more from reading a book themselves rather than having it read to them. Help them learn by using flash cards for spelling and math. Post a map of the United States with the state capitals highlighted, or make a timeline of important dates. 
  • Auditory Learners: Learn best by listening and responding aloud. Read instructions and stories to them. Have them repeat spelling words aloud. Record their reading assignments and vocabulary lists so they can review them.
  • Kinesthetic Learners: Learn best by handling and touching things. They are more movement oriented and may have trouble keeping still. Have them read aloud while standing up, act out events from history and draw diagrams for things worth remembering.

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