Cure Cabin Fever!

So Mr. Punxsuatwney Phil predicts an early Spring this year, but that doesn’t mean the kids aren’t going stir crazy cooped up inside during this cold weather right now! We found this great article at to give you a few ideas to keep the kids busy as we wait for the weather to warm-up outside. Included you’ll find a list of some creative games involving simple household items like balloons, cotton balls, and even potatoes. They list games for the whole family at all ages. Check it out! Read the whole article at

Some of Our Favorites:

Balloon Pop (Young Children)

Tie a balloon to each player’s right leg with a three-foot length of string. When everyone’s outfitted, assemble the kids in the garage or a room with lots of open space. The goal is to pop the other players’ balloons by stomping on them. Once a kid’s balloon is popped, he’s out. Loud, wild, fun. (Have them pick up the bits of balloon left on the floor afterward. They’re a choking hazard for littler kids.)

Cotton-ball Crawl (Toddlers)

Dump a pile of cotton balls on the floor in your child’s bedroom and place an empty bowl on the floor in another room. Set a timer for four minutes, and have your child move all the cotton balls from his room into the bowl — using a spoon and crawling on hands and knees. The cotton balls are so light, they’re likely to go flying if he isn’t careful. If he makes it, challenge him to do it in three minutes!

Freeze frame (Toddler-Child)
Gather a few stuffed animals, crank up some tunes, and boogie until one observer (Mom or Dad) pauses the music. Dancers must freeze, and if anyone budges before you start the music again, he must pick a stuffed “dance partner.” Keep dancing (and pausing) until all the animals are in play. Then, when someone moves, he must take an animal from an opponent. Dance until one person has all the animals or you’re wiped out!

Share some of your favorite games at home!


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