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February Book Reviews 2013

DreamBigReadAll books purchased by clicking the link in our review will give AFTH a small donation from  If you are interested in purchasing one of the books in our review please consider buying it through our link to

outoftheshadowsOut of the Shadows: Stories of Adoption and Reunion by Linda Back McKay -Ms McKay has put together 11 stories of women who place their children for adoption and have since been reunited with them. These stories, told in their own voices, are powerful, sad, joyful and real. There aren’t many books out there that tell the stories of the woman who placed their children for adoption, the loss and emptiness they felt and the joy of reuniting. Not all the stories ended happily, some didn’t remain in contact with their children, while some created wonderful and supportive relationships. None of them would have traded that reunion no matter what the outcome for anything in the world. Just seeing their children again was positive for all the women in these stories.

While most of these stories were from women who place their children in a time when out of wedlock pregnancy was forbidden and hidden and open adoption was unheard of the stories are still important. By learning about these women’s stories, open adoption becomes that much more understandable. To be able to keep that connection open for helps both the birth parents and the children feel whole.

036625-FC222Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child by Cathy Glass -Cathy Glass is a foster mother with a lot of experience taking care of hurt and neglected children.  When she consents to take Jodie into her care she is shaken by how deeply troubled she is.  Jodie’s tantrums range from cursing and kicking to multiple personalities, the level of abuse she experienced is beyond what most people can imagine.  This book can be hard to read at times but Cathy’s strength and her dedication to helping this child is impressive, it held a lot of good ideas and lessons about taking care of children in pain. Reading about the patience and determination that Cathy shows in caring for this little girl is inspiring, although her no holds barred story shows the tremendous hoops many foster parents have to jump through in order to get the support and help they need for the children in their care.  Cathy shows foster parenting isn’t for everyone but if you are willing to put in the time the rewards can be great.

onestepatatime framedOne Step at a Time: A Vietnamese Child Finds Her Way Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch– Tuyet was born in Vietnam and raised in an orphanage until a family in the US adopts her.  Tuyet was stricken with polio which has left her leg weak and her foot twisted.  She needs to have a series of operations to help her walk again and this is her story.  Tuyet doesn’t speak English and is very scared about what is happening, but her parents find people to translate for her to help her along until she learns English.  This is a story of bravery, love, and courage.

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