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April Book Reviews 2013

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Its been a busy month, I only got a change to read and review two books this month.  But I’m working on more for next month!


The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole by Lori Holden & Crystal Hass–   Well written, with great advice.  I love the idea created throughout the book that Open Adoption is a lifestyle not just the exchange of pictures and letters.  Its about being open about where your child came from and putting the child first.  Answering difficult questions and trying to see things from the child’s point of view.  Its not always easy and often we go with our gut reaction of fear and jealousy but by opening our hearts and minds we can create a wonderful open adoption relationship that will benefit and help adopted children grow. List price $29.99 price $27.99

BetterThanGoodHair pb cBetter Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair! by Nikki Walton – Perfect for women considering making the transition from relaxed to natural or for parents of black and bi-racial children who don’t have a clue about caring for their children’s hair. There is clear concise and organized information on caring for natural hair, including hair styles, products, detangling and more. List price $14.99 price $11.98

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