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School’s out! Now what do we do?

6a00d8341c019753ef01157059518c970b-320wiIf you’ve got children, you know what June means: summer vacation. Weeks and weeks of uninterrupted freedom, maybe a family trip or two – and lots of time for kids to grow bored because they have nothing to do.

You don’t have to be a full time cruise director for your family. You can, however, consider these ideas for keeping children busy and happy until school starts again in the fall:

  • Museums. Scout your community for offbeat little museums in addition to the major institutions of art history that may be nearby.
  • Libraries. Visit your local library often. In addition to checking out books and DVD’s, look for summertime activities that many libraries offer to children.
  • Volunteer work. Older children can get a lot out of volunteering for charities and other causes in your community. Look for age-appropriate opportunities that allow kids to do good for others.
  • Sports programs. Find a sport your child is interested in. Many park districts and schools offer programs in baseball, soccer, and other sports during the summer months.
  • Berry picking. If you live anywhere near the country, look for farms that offer the chance to pick fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll get some healthy produce at a good price while spending a few productive hours outdoors.
  • Down time. Don’t try to schedule every minute in your kids’ days. Give them some time to relax and chill out so their vacation really feels like a vacation.

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