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Adoption Soapbox

Child on Soapbox EditedMore often than not, we’ve found that adoptive families, women, and children who are involved in adoptions actually love to share their stories with friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and some take it as far as Capitol Hill. Sure many prefer to keep their adoption story private. But sharing personal experience, positive or negative, paints a realistic picture and hopefully sheds stereotypes for those who otherwise might have no idea about the realities of adoption.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and slap some “I love adoption” stickers on your bumper—I mean you can if you’d like—but here are a few ideas on how you can show your support.

  • Don’t be afraid to answer question or educate others-whether it’s in the doctor’s office, at the grocery store, or online. Remember that some ignorant questions and comments simply come from a lack of education and personal impact.
  • Educate your children. Teach them about different family styles and family diversity.  Volunteer to read an adoption-related story book in your child’s classroom or at the local library.
  • Write to your State Senator on adoption issues, policies, etc.
  • Contact your local adoption agency for volunteer and fundraising opportunities.
  • Support National Adoption Month in November. This a great time of the year to let everyone know that you celebrate and support adoption. Check out  campaigns both online and in the local community, like AFTH’s Paper Heart Project for National Adoption Month.

Are you an adoption advocate? Have you always been? When did it start? When have you found yourself on your adoption soapbox? Let us know why you support adoption. We would love to hear from you on Facebook.

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