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Parenting Burnout

413711595Sometimes you just have to take a “mental health day” to maintain your balance. Your health, your works, and your family will benefit if you give yourself some time off every once in a while. No one said parenting was easy and sometimes you need to give yourself a break.  But if you spend your day just doing work at home, you’ll defeat your purpose. Don’t miss your chance to rejuvenate. Here’s how to energize yourself:

  • Ignore errands and chores. Focus on yourself, not all the little things you need to do around the house. The dripping faucet, stack of bills, and piles of laundry will all be there on the weekend, and you can fix them then. If chores are too tempting, get out of the house for several hours, get a massage, take a yoga class pamper yourself, you deserve it!
  • Focus on gratitude. Turn your mind off work and onto the more meaningful things in life, such as your family, friends, and health.
  • Keep the TV off. Television can prevent us from thinking and paying attention to ourselves. Simply be quiet and stay in the moment or pick up a book for magazine and read.
  • Assess your goals. Sometimes family related stress is a signal to pay attention to what is lacking in your life. For example your frustration with household chores may be masking the fact that you really want to spend more quality time with your family. Think about what you want and start developing plans to pursue those goals.  If that means finding the resources to hire a housekeeper or making a game of the chores I’m sure you can figure it all out!

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