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Parenting Advice: Can you trust the experts?

tipsYou don’t have to look very hard to find a lot of resources and advice meant to help you become a better parent. But all the classes, seminars, and well intentioned books can be confusing. Here are some tips for deciding which advice to follow:

  • Listen to your gut. Decide whether or not a parenting class or advice book fits your intuition. If it doesn’t jibe don’t feel pressured into following it verbatim.
  • Be patient. Be skeptical of any advice that seems to promise quick fixes. Parenting is complex and has no simple solutions.
  • Don’t hang on too long. Be willing to try worthwhile advice out, but drop it if it isn’t working. No one knows your family better than you do.
  • Check advisors’ credentials. Whether you’re taking a parenting seminar or buying a book, check out the credentials of the experts. Do they seem knowledgeable – and sensitive?

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