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August 2013 Book Reviews

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225_350_book-862-coverThe Rainbow Egg by Linda Hendricks – A beautifully written story about a chick who has an egg but doesn’t have a nest.  A red bird leads her to a chicken family that has a nest and no egg.  A sweet story that explains adoption from a birth mothers point of view.  A great way to explain adoption to young children. price $11.66 kindle edition $3.99

brown-babies-pink-parents-amy-ford-paperback-cover-artBrown Babies Pink Parents by Amy Ford–  One of the most honest and straight forward books about raising a child of a different race that I have come across.  Amy Ford does not gloss over the issues that arise from raising a child of a different race in fact she puts those issues in your face and tells you to get over it and gives you ways to teach your child to live in this world that still sees white as better than black.  Sometimes her words are hard to take, some of her observations may make you uncomfortable but that’s good because it’s making you really think about what it takes to raise a child of a different race than your own and helps you decide whether this is the right path for you and your family.  I highly recommend this book for any family looking to adopt a child of a different race. $13.04


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